The 10 rules for a perfect belly

It is a long-term journey that requires discipline and patience; because losing the extra pounds is not something that happens overnight and recovering them is relatively simple. Just take a couple of days off.

The luxury of flaunting a perfect belly is one of the golden goals of the fitness world. Sometimes, to achieve this, exercising or following a balanced diet may not be enough. However difficult it may seem, it is not an impossible mission.

In this article we share with you the 10 golden rules to get a perfect belly . Take note and start immediately!

The 10 rules for a perfect belly

Not all people are the same

Before starting to put into practice any strategy to get a perfect belly you need to know how your metabolism works . It is a fact that for some people it is easier to lose weight than for others. Therefore, a visit to a specialist is never a waste of time.

Check your carbohydrate intake

It is not a question of eliminating them completely. After all, carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy that allow the body to perform all the basic functions.

Among the functions of carbohydrates we find the work of the muscles, the digestive system and the metabolic function. The latter is a key process to burn the fat that accumulates in the abdomen.

Like everything related to health, extremes are never the best solution. A deficiency of these bio molecules causes a general malfunction of the whole organism, with the appearance of symptoms like weakness and bad mood. In excess, they are one of the triggers of obesity.

Do not suppress fats

With fats something similar to carbohydrates happens. They have been demonized for so long, that many still try to eliminate them entirely from their menu. But again, it’s all about finding a balance.

Without fat, the body could not store energy . They are a sort of transport system that allows vitamins and other nutrients to be demobilized through the bloodstream.

Now to saturated fats

Often the confusion about fats is due to the fact that we tend to consider them all as saturated fats. There is no chance of getting a perfect belly (or good health) if saturated fat consumption is a daily habit.

Less salt and less sugar

In addition to other related problems, excess sodium and sugar in the body promote the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area . For this reason it is necessary to minimize the presence of these elements in the body, if you are worried about too many centimeters.

To have a flat stomach you have to train

It’s not a secret at all. Without regular physical activity, keeping a flat stomach like a board will always remain a distant dream. But this does not mean doing sit-ups in a disorderly way, you need to follow a specific training program tailored to your needs.


Without water, it is impossible to make the body work . Insufficient hydration has, among the various negative effects, also that of not allowing the body to adequately burn the fats accumulated in the abdomen. And this regardless of how much exercise takes place.

Light dining

Some suggest eliminating the last meal of the day to wake up with a perfect belly. This type of advice never leads to anything, except to generate greater anxiety and hunger for processed foods and proteins.

The general advice is to eat little and pay attention to the ingredients used , limiting flours, sugars and carbohydrates in general. The same goes for red meats, spicy foods, desserts and junk foods.

Sleep well

Another rule that comes from the most basic common sense. If the body does not enjoy the necessary rest , a metabolic disorder can occur which makes it extremely difficult to avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

Yes to chocolate

It does not mean consuming any type of chocolate at any time, you should prefer dark and low-sugar chocolate . Thanks to the high quantities of zinc, it promotes the increase of leptin in the body. It is a hormone that among its functions also includes the control of the storage of fat in tissues.

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