Take weight in the gym: why does it happen?

Like anything, we start from scratch, we can’t measure performance from the first results. The constancy and the attention to nutrition and hydration will have a strong influence on the medium and short term results of our effort in the gym.

One of the main reasons why you decide to go to the gym is to lose weight. However, while having a healthy diet, it is possible that in the first weeks one can gain weight in the gym. Why does it happen? Here are the reasons.

First, we would like to encourage you to continue to play sports to have a healthy life. Don’t be discouraged if you gain weight in the first few weeks, there are reasons why this happens. We will explain them below.

Why can we gain weight in the gym?

The body needs to adapt to new routines. Exercising is one of them, especially when it’s the first time or it’s been so long since the last one. Switching from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one requires effort. These are the reasons why you can gain weight in the gym.

The result comes when dreams are stronger than excuses.


When we start doing sports our body cells need more fluids, and this is one of the reasons for weight gain. This ‘excess’ of hydration will be what will allow the muscles to stay fit and our joints to function properly.

By exercising, our body will tell us how much water to drink , and it will probably be more than what we are used to. This is why the balance can show more weight, even if only slightly.


The exercise not only eliminates fat mass, but also increases muscle mass, another reason why you can gain weight in the gym. We understand that it can be daunting to strive to lose weight and not see it, let alone the opposite.

But we must think that this process is nothing but the body that transforms the fat mass into muscle and is always positive. Men will probably have to do more cardio and less weight to keep the muscle from growing and looking too big.

On the contrary, women burn fat faster with weights, and these will not lead to excessive muscle growth, given the lack of a natural source of testosterone. So forget the myth that weights go up and, if you want to lose weight, take advantage of them as needed without problems.

Power control

A very common mistake is that, as soon as we start going to the gym, we eat more than normal believing that we have compensated with the exercise. This is partially true, but it is useful for people who want to maintain their weight.

If you want to lose weight, you must forget this idea. You don’t have to eat more because you play sports, but the opposite. Eat less when you play sports to get good results with both routines.


Sport can cause inflammation due to muscle breakdown. When the muscles are subjected to unusual weights, small breaks occur that cause tears.

Among the methods that the body uses to repair these breaks is inflammation. This protects and surrounds the muscle avoiding blows and damage. Therefore, it can happen that when to feel heavy, stiff and to feel the tightest clothes. Don’t worry, it will pass in a few days.


The cortisol is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the body, especially in stressful situations or danger. It is possible that the exercise relaxes you, but that the body perceives danger towards something new and an unconscious episode of stress is created.

Therefore, it starts producing this hormone that breaks down proteins and prevents the growth of muscle mass and fat loss. This often happens to athletes who undergo over training.

As you can see, the exercise doesn’t hurt at all. Even if you don’t notice it in the first few weeks, your body submits to beneficial changes in its health and appearance. Don’t give up!

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